The IT security requirements of businesses of all sizes are within the scope of Perilune Networks' extensive service offerings.

Endpoint security for servers and workstations, automated patching to keep software safe, and activity management software to monitor authorised access are all part of the suite of services provided.

System Auditing

Identify, warn about, and report on any and all changes made to the system, user accounts, permissions, or files.

Mobile Device Security

Block access to corporate data or delete the device immediately if it is lost, stolen, or an employee is let go. The use of staff gadgets should also be subject to company policy.

Instructional Sessions for End Users

With the help of our managed security team, your employees will be better able to identify potential security risks and respond appropriately.

Security Operations Center

Here at our Security Operations Center (SOC), we monitor in real time around the clock, 365 days a year, and our specialists correlate all security events across all of our infrastructure, including all of our locations, services, and devices.

Managing Vulnerabilities

Scans of your IT infrastructure from the outside and inside should be performed often to help find security flaws and patch them before they are exploited.


The goal of Perilune Network security solutions is to keep your company safe from hackers and other online dangers.

We work hard so you can go about your business without worrying about hackers and other outsiders getting into your systems and compromising your data. Protecting your company against harmful assaults and unanticipated occurrences is a top priority, and our staff will ensure that your security equipment is up to the task.


The complete identity management life cycle, including verification controls, identity governance, privileged access, and compliance, may be managed with our assistance.

  • Get a handle on access levels and secure private information.
  • Reduce human labour with automation
  • Lessen the burden of paperwork and expenses.
  • Facilitate external access safely to increase output.

We provide highly secure incoming and outgoing internet access through a selection of firewalls from the industry's leading security device manufacturers, as well as a fully managed firewall solution to further safeguard your data and network. There are many manufacturers we collaborate with, but here are a few:

  • Fortigate
  • Sophos
  • Symantec

Protection from the outside using high-tech surveillance cameras Our digital camera solutions and expert guidance on the best surveillance system for your company will allow you to monitor activity at all hours.

Your network DVR/NVR may be set to only record at certain intervals, upon detection of motion, in response to an alert, etc., thanks to its integrated analytics.

From anywhere in the globe, you may connect in to the system on your mobile device and watch live video.



To continue to operate securely in today's digital environment, it is essential to adapt and modify to emerging security concerns.

We're here for you when your business need solutions for IT security software, and we collaborate closely with the industry's top vendors to ensure that the products we propose are both effective and affordable.

Design and deployment services for cloud and on-premises security software solutions are provided by Perilune Networks.

  • Mobile Device Security

Simple, basic solutions for mobile device management will help you keep track of and protect all of the mobile devices on your network. Whether it's in the cloud or on your own premises, we have the right product for you.

  • Email Security & Resilience

We provide complete data management and compliance capabilities while developing and implementing tactics to keep malicious actors from accessing your company's email. Protect your business's information with email solutions that provide redundancy, archiving, electronic discovery, and compliance.

  • EndPoint Security

You need a solution to secure the company's data and IT infrastructure whenever it is accessed by any device, regardless of whether you have a bring your own device policy or offer all hardware and software for workers. When the appropriate endpoint security solution is in place, a business can confidently support any kind of device. To make sure you obtain a solution that works for your company, we provide comprehensive Endpoint Protection, which includes Antivirus and Anti-Spam software from many vendors.

  • Technology Support

We have grown rapidly since, but we do not compromise our work ethic and attention to detail. Our staff has extensive experience in all areas of trucking – from dispatching drivers, to accounting and payroll, to passing NSC audits. Our service stretches to our customers’ entire team – we encourage both business owners and their employees to call us with

  • Data Loss Prevention

Your data is vulnerable to both malicious and accidental disclosure as its usage expands to include mobile devices, laptops, and both on-premises and cloud-based computing resources. We have methods to prevent the disclosure of sensitive information during transmission.

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